Creation, Growth and Goal-Setting for Success


With more than 12 years of experience in direct sales growth and business strategy, Robert Wilson is a sales and business development guru. Above wanting to be good at what he does, Robert is genuinely invested in helping people and businesses achieve their goals.

Robert started as the Senior Manager of Sales for NutriSystem Weight Loss, a direct sales company named by Forbes as one of the fastest growing companies in the US in 2007, while under Robert’s management.

He then went on to work as the Director of Field Training and Development for Stream, a direct sales energy company. He led them to $8 billion in revenue and to be named a Top 20 direct sales Company within the company’s first 10 years. He did this by helping them gather more than half a million energy customers, innovating sales promotions and leading them to record-breaking associate enrollments. While with Stream, Robert created and hosted the first network marketing podcast, Currents Radio, and TV show, Stream TV.

Apart from his experience, much of his success comes from investing time in individuals: what they want out of life and what motivates them. It’s this sincere interest in building up others that has taught him valuable lessons and allowed him to excel in his own career.

Above being a business development expert and direct sales guru, Robert considers his most important role to be that of an excellent husband to his wife Chanelle and a stand-up father to his beautiful daughter Charlie. He enjoys learning the everyday lessons about growing a family and being a dad.