Professional Speaking/Training


The focuses of Robert’s sales training include:


  • Sales strategy—go-to-market strategies, evaluating market share, creating an overall revenue plan, measuring growth and sales revenue, establishing a growth plan and determining value proposition.
  • Talent management—evaluating talent strength, recruiting strategies and onboarding processes
  • Sales operations and structure—managing opportunities, handling objections and methods of sales gamification
  • Sales capabilities—knowledge function and quick sales tips


Robert has a diverse set of leadership training courses, which include but are not limited to:

  • Team Management—This course focuses on the leading of a team to do amazing things by teaching you how to interact and engage with them, how to build them and how to lead by example.
  • Team Building and Development—This course discusses how to build and develop, structure, rate and perform and effectively praise and discipline a team, as well as how to hold people accountable, delegate and create action items.
  • Communication Skills—This course covers a diverse set of topics about communicating with others. These topics include body language, appropriately addressing people, word choice for better actions and engagement, how to communicate with a team, and how to improve your communication by creating a plan to increase your overall self-development to then get better engagement and output from those around you.
  • 10 Traits for Great Leaders—This course covers the key personality traits for effective leaders, which include empathy, passion and humility.
  • 6 Qualities of Great Leaders—Dissimilar from “10 Traits for Great Leaders,” this course goes into the values and mantras for effective leaders.
  • The Difference Between Being Persistent and Pushy—This course goes into ways to replace pushiness with persistence in prospecting, connecting, nurturing, discovery, demonstration and closing.
  • The Difference Between Bosses and Leaders—This course demonstrates ways that bosses command, nag, are unwavering and think short-term, while leaders encourage, are hands on, have vision and think long-term.


Robert’s mantra when it comes to data is “anything that can be measured can be improved.” With his expertise in tracking KPIs (key performance indicators,) he can help you and your team determine what your most valuable metrics are, how to measure them, improve them and further set goals and financial projections off of your improvements.

Business Development

Having years of successful business development experience, Robert helps you set a course of action for improving your overall business development skills. He focuses on four key elements:

  • Strategy—creating roadmaps, action items and plans.
  • Process—creating replicable step-by-step protocols for each of your operation items
  • Technology—evaluating your current tech platforms and doing competitive analyses and risk assessments to determine the best path moving forward
  • People—looking at your team and how they are being included in your business plan